Slonimsky forestry

Slonimsky forestry PLHO of Grodno is located in the southeastern part of the Minsk region in the administrative districts: Slonimsky (80%), Zelvensky (20%). Maximum length of the territory forestry is 65 km from north to south and 42 km from east to west.

The total area of forestry on 01.01.2010 is 64 587 ha and including 57 979 ha of forested land.

The structure consists of 7 forestry: Albertin, Derevnaia, Girovuchi, Zelva, Migevichi, Porechie, Senkovschina.

Today Slonimsky forestry is a large public organization. The forestry is engaged in timber extraction and its processing, the realization of the domestic market and for export.


  1. lumber, timber conifers and deciduous;
  2. arbor model and under the order;
  3. honey bee;
  4. brooms bath;
  5. seedlings of ornamental rocks (more than 50 species of open and closed root system).

Provide services

  1. 1for hunting moose, wild boar, deer, partridge and waterfowl;
  2. pritravke on hunting dogs on adult boar;
  3. recreation in the hunting lodge

The basic contact information State forestry agency “Slonimsky forestry”:

Address: 231800, Grodno region, Slonim st. Kosmonavtov 34

Post Name Contacts
The director of timber enterprise Vajtehovich A.M. 8(01562)65751
The main forest warden Eremeichik V.V. 8(01562)65752
The chief engineer Makarevich D.V. 8(01562)65748
The chief of industrial department Novik G.P. 8(01562)65748
The leading engineer of the hunting economy Koipash S.I. 8(01562)27647


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